1.    Candidate packet table of contents

2.    Candidate letter special election

3.    Qualifications for office

4.    Updated important dates for Election 2019

5.    Other helpful links and resources

6.    Application for place on ballot special election

7.    Drawing for a place on the Special Election ballot 2019

8.    Information for political fundraisers  

9.    Texas Ethics Commission- Notice to local filing authorities

10.  Guide to a local filing authoritys duty under the campaign finance law

11.  Texas Ethics Commission - 2019 Schedule for Elections Held on Uniform Election Dates

12.  Campaign Finance Guide for Candidates and Officeholders Who File with Local Filing Authorities

13.  Political Advertising What You Need to Know

14.  Fair Campaign Practices Act

15.  Form CFCP - Code of Fair Campaign Practices

16.  Form CTA - Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer by a Candidate

17.  Form CTA Instruction Guide

18.  Form ACTA - Amended Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer by a Candidate

19.  Form ACTA Instruction Guide

20.  Form COH CandidateOfficeholder Campaign Finance Report

21.  Form COH Instruction Guide

22.  Form CIS Local Government Officer Conflicts Disclosure Statement

23.  Form CIQ Conflict of Interest Questionnaire