City of Newark, Texas
209 Hudson St / Post Office Box 156 Newark, Texas 76071 - Phone: (817) 489-2201 - Fax: (817) 489-5202

Newark, Texas Water Service and Refuse Collection


Attention:  In order to ensure that all payments are deposited correctly going forward, all paper checks, certified checks and money orders need to be made out to: “CITY OF NEWARK”.  This includes payments received for all types of services with the City of Newark.  If you have any questions regarding this or anything else, please contact the city at 817-489-2201.


Water Services FAQ



Where is the water department?

The water department is located at 209 Hudson Street, Newark Tx 76071.


How do I initiate water service?

You must complete an application for service, provide your valid Texas Driver's license and pay $200 deposit for residential service and $200.00 deposit for commercial service.  The deposit is held on the account until the account is closed.  At that time the deposit will be used for any balance owed or a refund check will be mailed to the forwarding address.

New Service - Residential
New Service- Commercial

Request for Cancellation of Services

Can I pay my water bill online?
Yes! You can use your credit or debit card to pay your water bill online.

Go to

Ener Bureau Code 5349727

A 3% fee is charged by Certified Payments.



Where can I find more information about my water meter?

To learn about your meter readings, meter accuracy, high consumption and more follow the link below:

Facts about your water meter

Helpful tips to ensure that your water meter is accessible to meter readers:
Trim bushes, trees and grass that block the way to, or cover the water meter. In an effort to avoid any accidental damage to your vegetation, please avoid planting landscape items in the area which your meter readers must travel to read your meter.

Please make sure that no objects are placed so that they cover or block access to the meter box.

If your meter is located behind a gate that is normally kept locked , please contact City Hall to arrange access.

Please remember, your meter is located in the City's right of way and if repairs are needed the City is not held responsible for replacing or repairing any private property located in the right of way.

Please ensure your house address is clearly displayed on your residence.


Refuse Collection FAQ


Who provides refuse collection services?

The service is provided by Republic Waste.    If your trash is not picked up or if you have a bulk pickup question, please call them at 817-332-7301

When will my refuse be picked up?
"Pickup" is once a week on Wednesday mornings. Place trash in a secured container at the curb by 7:00 am.   All items must be placed in a closed bag or trash can.  Loose item will not be picked up.  If you have bulk items please contact Republic Waste at 817-332-7301 to schedule a pickup.

What are the collection fees?
$22.35 per month.

Recycle Information FAQ

Does the city offer curb side recycling?
The City of Newark offers weekly residential curb side pickup of recyclable materials. Residents may pick up a recycling bin after residential water service has been established by visiting the Newark City Hall, at 209 Hudson St. Newark, 76071. (817) 489-2201.

When will recyclable materials be picked up?
Pickup is once a week on Wednesday mornings. Place bin at the curb by 7:00 am.

Recycling Basics - A Simplified Guide to Recycling
Recyclable materials can be placed loose in the plastic bin and do not need to be sorted by material type (this includes newspapers, magazines, plastics and glass). Please make sure that all bottles, jars and cans are rinsed and lids are removed before putting them into the recycling bin.